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About our Team

Loan Spotter South Africa has its own unique success story and we would like to share it with our fellow South Africans to make them understand that change is possible. The question is; how badly do you want to change.

Loan Spotter South Africa was founded by 3 unique individuals. A business talisman, a call centre manager and a finance administrator. Together these 3 put their experience points into one basket and they created Loan Spotter SA. Combining the non-negotiable business foundation with call centre savvy and impeccable financial experience the infamous 3 have pieced together a service that can help all South Africans with the common problems in South Africa.



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Did you ever have a dispute that you needed the correct advice on? Do you never have the time to see a legal professional? Well now you can Mzansi.


Do you find yourself in financial embarrassment on a regular occasion? Is overspending getting the better of you? Not to worry, our affiliated financial service(s)/credit provider(s). are standing by to help you.