Privacy Policy


1.1 Privacy is of utmost importance and we (Loan Spotter SA) ensure you (the applicant/client) that your (the applicant/clients’) credentials are protected according to the Electronic Communications & Transactions Act. The applicant/client’s online privacy is further protected through THAWTE.

1.2 All use of the Loan Spotter SA website is bound by a digital binding and enforceable service mandate and agreement which is automatically generated by the website AFTER submitting your (the applicant/client) application for Loan Spotter SA’s Convenient Service Package online/electronically. This digital binding and enforceable service mandate and agreement confirms the applicants’/clients’ irrevocable agreement to the policies and procedures of Loan Spotter SA. This means that the applicant/client has taken the time to study and thoroughly understand the Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Legal Disclaimer and the Privacy Policy (collectively known as the “policies”) of Loan Spotter SA and the Loan Spotter SA website. You (the applicant/client) furthermore acknowledge and irrevocably agree that you (the applicant/client) have submitted an online/electronic application via the Loan Spotter SA website namely;, for the purchase of the Loan Spotter SA convenient Service Package (as per the Terms of Service) at your (the applicant/client’s) OWN FREE WILL, WITHOUT ANY FORCE OR DURESS WHATSOEVER. THE APPLICANT/CLIENT FURTHERMORE ACKNOWLEDGES AND IRREVOCABLY AGREES TO ABIDE AND FULFILL ANY AND/OR ALL OBLIGATIONS IN TERMS OF THE “POLICIES” OF LOAN SPOTTER SA.

2. Classification

2.1 Applicant/client = You; any person who accesses and uses the Loan Spotter SA website.

2.2 Data: Text, numerals, credentials etc.

2.3 Personal Information: Personally Identifiable Information; ID numbers addresses, income / expenditure, banking details.

2.4 Loan Spotter SA: a private company registered in the Republic of South Africa.

3. Opting OUT

3.1 When an applicant/client makes use of Loan Spotter SA their details are stored in our databases and/or management systems.

3.2 Loan Spotter SA deals with third parties, your (the applicant/client) credentials may be passed on but only to aid your (the applicant/clients’) application. At no point does the owner of the Loan Spotter SA website trade with ANY applicant/clients’ information. If any third party advertisements are sent to the applicant/client via email(s) and/or sms, it is the applicant/clients’ responsibility to “opt out”, so it so wish.

3.3 All opting out should be emailed to:

4. Security of Data

4.1 Loan Spotter SA uses a reputable external company who manages hardware and software which ensures data is protected on and offsite. This also ensures that data is backed up for the applicant/clients’ protection. This system is however not foolproof, and therefore the aforementioned disclaimers regarding damages suffered by you as applicant/client relating to the use of the services offered by Loan Spotter SA.